Self care

We believe health and fitness are vital components to a happy life. The sooner kids can be inspired to eat clean and stay active, the better chance they have of developing lifelong healthy habits. Our KIDS FIT CAMP and KIDS OBSTACLE CHALLENGE are designed to educate, inspire, and challenge kids to develop a healthier, more active lifestyle. We provide simple, interactive lessons for children to apply in everyday life through our KIDS FIT CAMP. Our KIDS OBSTACLE CHALLENGE tests children on 10 different fundamentals of healthy, athletic movement through a fun course unlike anything they have ever experienced.

World care

Beyond teaching kids how to develop self-care, we believe it is critically important for children to learn about world-care. In each of our events, we partner with local nonprofits and schools who are helping kids in need within their community. UNITEDSTRONG kids will walk away with a better understanding of how they can live a healthier life for themselves and help others in need. Our events allow the kids to actually contribute towards making a difference through getting sponsors to support their efforts. All sponsor contributions go directly to the organizations helping children in need, allowing your kids to directly UNITE their STRONG to the help of others.

To learn more about our kids events, please see our EVENTS page.