What ages are UNITEDSTRONG events for?

Our KIDS events are designed for ages 6-12. Although the lessons and challenges are designed for this age-range, we welcome younger or older kids at parent's discretion and signed consent. Our only request is that the parents of participants outside our suggested age range stay on-site for the duration of the event.

If the event does not have "KIDS" in the title, it is designed for older youth and adults, similar to other community fitness events or obstacle course races. As with our KIDS events, all ages are welcome at parental discretion and signed consent.

As a parent, do I have to stay for the duration of a kids event?

It is not required for parents of kids ages 6-12 to stay on site during the KIDS CAMP (4 hrs), but it is encouraged. Kids will have snack/drink/rest breaks every hour, and parents are welcome to engage with them, ask questions from our staff, and even jump in for our sample workouts. :)

For our KIDS OBSTACLE CHALLENGE, we highly encourage parents to not only be present, but to join alongside their children to cheer and assist as much as possible (without providing unfair advantage).

are the provided snacks and drinks allergy/dye/artificial ingredient free?

We are very aware that children