UNITEDSTRONG offers a variety of fitness events designed to educate, challenge, and inspire. Through our Kids Fit Camps, Kids Obstacle Challenge, Urban Obstacle Race, and other community events, we offer a full lineup of challenges and fun for any age.


Our events are designed to bring people together for a common goal and a higher purpose. Through partnering with local nonprofits, building social fundraising into each event, and equipping kids to live a healthy, active lifestyle, the community aspect goes far beyond a typical fitness event experience.


We believe strength is a gift to be used for good. While we are open to supporting a variety of causes with our events, the heart of UNITEDSTRONG is to bring hope and help to the abused, the orphaned, and the enslaved children within our communities. Trafficking of children for work and illegal sex is a growing epidemic worldwide, and is quietly spreading across the United States at a staggering rate. Our events raise money and awareness for those who are helping to stop the evil, rescue the innocent, and restore the broken.

In all of our events, participants must recruit a minimum of 5 sponsors to contribute to the local cause we are supporting. All of our challenges are scored on a scale of 1 to 100 points. Sponsors commit a dollar amount based on the participant's final point total (minimum of $0.10 per point). Through sponsors committing funds, the impact is up to you. The harder you train, the better you perform, the greater the impact.